VFX Tests

They are my recent video effect tests for further development.

I made myself an epic animated logo :)

Inspired by “Limitless” title shot. Shot @Peninsula Plaza. No real zoom was used. This is combination of multiple photos.

Construction and Destruction of Kanote Flowers.

Super Jump.

Shatter effect in Afx which simulates 3D particles look.

Rotoscoping test. Afx’s rotobrush is not suitable for production level. It’s cpu consuming and is an amateur’s tool.

A little bit of wrapping the space effect.

Double Duel

This guy from YouTube inspired me. A speech from one of his videos highlighted my faded ambition, a movie maker.

“If you want to make movies, keep doing it.”

This is my first attempt for making movie after leaving Myanmar. It’s a typical cowboy duel scene. It was shot during my visit to Jarmoe’s apartment. Sithu kindly help me being cameraman. Who’s the actor? It’s me, me.:P Well, camera I used was iPhone4. If you can bear the shaky camera, poor lighting and untidy effects, please watch this. :)

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