Autumn Deja Vu

စောင့်ရတယ် ဆိုတာမျိုးကို
ငါဘယ်လောက် စောင့်နိုင်မှာလဲ။

(Idei Mitsuya)

I got inspired from this post of U Belu. I got an idea to make a simple scene by composing most of mappings I’ve seen.

(1) Two ready-made plants was imported into Max and adjust the camera angle and plants positions. While the red-leaf plant was the focus point, the green-leaf one was the support.
(2) The mappings of red leaves were extracted from the photo of the red leaves. I made the separated alpha channels too.
Plant Bali
(3) The leaf textures were mapped on 3D models as v-ray materials. Alpha channels were applied to opacity slots too. While reflection was on, refraction was off to reduce the render time.
(4) I quickly modeled the scattered stones and mapped with pebbles image. UVW mapping were adjusted with the planner mappings.
Textured pebbles
(5) Butterfly model was quick. I used line and extrude commands to model the wings. The butterfly body was line and loft. The antennae and legs were simple lines and edit mesh. They were mapped with the purple butterfly image. I give it a little animation to get a motion-blur effect. Wings were made transparent to be able to see through sunlight and shadow.
(6) I used the HD textures for grass and water. Grass was the enforced with displacement mapping. The water effect was quickly achieved by using noise mapping as a bump map.
(7) The cloudy sun image was used for sphere sky. You can only see a bit in the reflection of water. But it greatly affected overall GI. Yellow plants were used for the reflection of water.
Cloudy Sun
(8) I modeled the spider web using line command based on this spider web image. I used a low-res Geosphere to scatter as water drops on spider web. The scattered spheres count exceeded 5000 spheres. (Well, in the final image, you cannot really see. :P what a joke.)
Spider Web
(9) I threw some red fallen leaves on water. They were simple line and extrude models with a little noise modifier.
(10) A single v-ray sunlight was set. Environment color was set to be yellow-white to emulate the morning feel.
(11) After adjusting render settings to optimized medium, I rendered irradient and a light cache file. It was the pre-caution from unexpected crush of 3dsmax. Then there went a one hour render on my duel 4 core Xeon workstation.
(12) Using the magics of Photoshop, I retouched the image. The name was given as “Autumn Deja Vu” because I felt like it. It was really fun to do this little project.

Autumn Deja Vu

Autumn Deja Vu (Click on image for larger view)

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