Silent Harp

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Silent Harp

Silent Harp

မျှော်နေ… လကိုကြည့်
မျှော်လင့်နေလည်း အလကား
(Idei Mitsuya)

I’ve made this 3D harp for MDA 3D challenge. Yet I had little time then. So I used about an hour a day for a week to model and texture this harp 3D. I took the reference images from here. Since I had limited time, I decided to use low-poly model and made the textures from the references. I have spent most of the time on UVW unwrapping.

Silent Harp WireFrame

Silent Harp WireFrame

After setting up the rendering, I added some effects in Max to justify the no-photo-retouching rule. I added lens effects for Sun glare and adjusted blur effect for bloom effect. Though the image didn’t win the challenge, I found it quite fun. The harp sat on mountain, had no player and wind was still. Everything seemed silent and sad. So I named it “Silent Harp”.

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