Unicode Tourists

unicode tourists - end of the day

Unicode Tourists - end of the day

I had very little time to prepare for this documentary. The shooting was done in Dec 28 2010 which was my birthday. The interviewers are Ko Han Zaw and Ko Thiha. This video is the main documentary.

This is interview with Ko Zaw Htut, the one who created pioneered WinMyanmar fonts.

This is Sayamagyi Dr. Daw Myint Myint Than’s interview.

This is interview with Ko Ravi and Ko Ngwe Tun.

This is interview with Wikipedian Ko Myat Thwin.

This is interview with Blogger Min Yoon Thit.

This is interview with Ma Chan Myae Khine in TEDx event.

Ironically, I created this trailer too.

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  1. It’s good, somebody edit Wikimap for Burma at openstreetmap.org, so that Smartphone-users can get GPS_related map like Navman’s navigator.

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