Rectangular Texts

Rectangular Burmese Texts with Author's Name

Rectangular Burmese Texts with Author's Name

When I was in high school, I used to draw weird drawings, sketches and text designs in the back of the school books. The rectangular text design is one of my unique idea. No Google search resulted a similar idea.

The concept of the idea is to produce rectangular shaped characters and syllables without any gap in it (or with very little gaps). Each character or combination of characters might not be rectangular while the overall syllable or word or phrase will be rectangular blocks or square blocks.

I hereby declare that my idea and design of rectangular texts is first of it’s kind. I may develop a font base on this design.

Sample Rectangular Text Blocks

Sample Rectangular Text Blocks

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3 thoughts on “Rectangular Texts

  1. Very cool. We need more Unicode font with creative designs. How do you deal with နှစ်လုံးဆင့်?

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